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Gideon the Great

Gideon the Great

"Gideon the Great” was created as a short for a future series pilot. The intent with this film was to create a process where we make a seamless blend of puppeted and full-on 2D hand drawn animation. Gideon was also an exploration that allowed everyone involved to tap into their own childhood and pour that emotion onto the big screen.

This award-winning short film was a huge success!

  • WRITER: Andrew Reff, Andy Collen, Dean Paris, Travis Hanour
  • PROJECT: Music Video
  • ANIMATION: Andrew Reff, Travis Hanour, Mike Smith
  • AREA: Produced in Portland, Oregon
  • AUDIO: Travis Hanour


Telly Award, Audience Award (Melbourne International Animation Festival), Golden Remi Award (Worldfest-Houston), Pixie Platinum Award (American Pixel Academy), and many more.

Festival Entries

Cannes Film Festival2009 (Cannes Short Film Corner) -France, Action on Film International Film Festival 2009, Kids First! Film Festival 2009, Del Ray Beach 2009, TriMedia Film Festival 2009, Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2009, Eugene International Film Festival 2009, Heartland Film Festival 2009, Taos Shortz Film Festival 2009, Moving Image Film Festival 2009 –CANADA.