Winter / En Hiver

Taken by Hayao Miyazaki, we wanted to create a western cultural version of  anime-style animation. As a studio, we were taken by American illustrator Edward Gorey’s quill pen style of illustration. Animation is about visual communication and this project gave us the canvas to demonstrate that style with a message that conveys a very complicated message without any formal communication. We found that audiences around the world could still watch a silent film and form the same connection to the film and its messages.

This award-winning short film was a huge success!

  • WRITER/DIRECTOR: Amy A.B. Collen
  • PROJECT: Music Video
  • ANIMATION: Kyle Jones, Amy Collen, Alec Knox
  • AREA: Produced in Portland, Oregon
  • AUDIO: Scott Brasher & Greg Ives


Telly Award, Crystal Heart Award (Heartland Film Festival), Audience Award (Melbourne International Animation Festival), Golden Remi Award (Worldfest-Houston), and many more.

Festival Entries

Mill Valley Film Festival, The Denver International Film Festival, The Northwest Film & Video Festival, IndyMemphis Film Festival, Cinanima 2004(Portugal), Cloud 9 Film Festival, Portland Int’l Film Festival Arizona International Film Festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, The Melbourne International Animation Festival(Australia), Moondance Film Festival, Cartoons on the Bay(Italy), World FEST-Houston,Seattle International Film Festival, 21st International Short Film Festival (Mo Fries) Hamburg International (Germany), Animated Film Festival-Annacey (France), Boston International Film Festival, Copenhagen International Film Festival for Children and Youth-BUSTER (Denmark), Heartland Film Festival, Arts Electronica 2005 (Austria), Computer Space 2005 (Bulgaria), Golden Star Shorts Film Festival, Eugene Film Festival, International Children’s Film Carnival (Hong Kong), International Animation Festival (Turkey).