New Cleco “Hot Spot” Safety Production

Cleco Hot Informational by Happy Trails Animation


Hot Spot is a 30-minute production about power lines safety. Character designs, background elements, voiceover, music, and 2D animation were produced by Happy Trails in 2 weeks time.

The safety video is used by specially trained Cleco employees to teach children about the dangers of overhead power lines and demonstrate real-life situations where children could come into contact with those lines. Any time electricity can come into direct contact with you or something you are touching, it’s a “Hot Spot” and this  animated video helps to emphasize the importance of paying attention to potentially dangerous situations. Actual electrical equipment is used in the demonstration to graphically show the dangers associated with contacting energized power lines. While the primary goal is to teach children about electrical safety, adults can learn what to look out for, too.

[Illustrated full-color Cleco Activity Book by our in-house Graphic Services company, DesignWise Art]